Skalnaedyr was an elder blue dragon and the ruler of the city in Murghôm that bore his name.[1] He was one of the Princes of Murghôm, and also considered to be the strongest wyrm who lived in Murghôm as of 1479 DR.[2]


In 1409 DR, a plague swept through the dragon population of the Copper Mountains, causing many dragons to flee. Skalnaedyr flew to Murghôm and stopped to rest near a small village known as Phannaskull. The frightened villagers pledged fealty to the surprised dragon, who agreed to rule the village. Due to Skalnaedyr's enlightened (for a dragon) rule, the village grew into a city during the 15th century DR.[1]

He also rescued the dragonborn Ananta from an unknown but certainly grisly fate, and made her Guardian of Dracowyr.[1] Skalnaedyr really cared for her to the point of putting himself in harm way in order to protect her if she was in danger.[2]

In 1479 DR, he acceded to play the xorvintaal proposed by the the vampiric smoke drake Brimstone.[2]



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