Skarou was the capital city of the nation of Khazari.[1]

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Sitting where the Jumpa and Shyok Muren rivers met[3], the city of Skarou was well fortified due to the divided nature of the nation's politics. Though the capital of the nation, Skarou was considered run-down and ramshackle for its size, due to most of its power having been taken by the nobles of the nation.[1]

Inside the city was the Seven-Tiered Palace, from which the royalty of Khazari ruled, the Monastery of the Flowing Water, and the largest monastery of the Red Mountain sect. There was also a small monastery of the Yellow Mountain sect inside the city, resulting in some feuding between the two groups.[1]

Skarou was one of the five great cities of Khazari legend, along with Manass, Taghla, Barkhul and Alashan.[1]

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While shown as Skarou on maps, the city was called both Skarou and Skardu in The Horde booklet.

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