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Skeroloth are spies, thieves, infiltrators and wretched scum. They are the dregs of the yugoloth armies who serve because they must, fawning over the nearest powerful yugoloth and betraying former masters whenever given a glimpse of richer rewards. They are quick to attack the weak, and even quicker to beg for mercy when threatened by more powerful foes.[1]


The insectoid skeroloth has six legs and moves about equally well on two, four, or all six of its limbs. The pale red-gray skin of a skeroloth fades to a milky white whenever the creature is frightened, which is nearly all the time.[1]


Other yugoloths regard skeroloths as weak and worthless. Although they are driven into battle ahead of more formidable fighting units, no one really thinks of wretches as a real fighting force. Skeroloths are at their most useful as spies, and they are often sent on scouting missions.[1]


Hiding and ambushing is about all skeroloths know of fighting. Often herded into battle by more powerful yugoloths, skeroloths are unreliable combatants unless it appears they have the upper hand. When they encounter creatures weaker than themselves, groups of skeroloths swarm over them, dragging down larger foes with sheer numbers.[1]


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