The Sky Pony Tribe were a band of Uthgardt barbarians in the Spine of the World.[1] The tribe's totem animal was the pegasus.[3]


In 1372 DR, the Sky Pony ancestral mound was the One Stone.[4]

During the War of the Silver Marches, Sky Pony barbarians harried and attacked orcs that spilled out of the mountains.[2]


  • Jerek Wolf-slayer: Chieftain in 1356 DR;[1] a very xenophobic man.[3]
  • Torlin, son of Jerek: He was set to become the next chieftain of the Sky Ponies and was imbued with the spirit of the pegasus.[3] However, he was killed when Valric forced him to participate in a shamanistic rite.[citation needed]
  • Valric High Eye: A very old shaman and priest in 1356 DR.[1] He had the ability to summon a pegasus.[3]
  • Arnzan Vashk: Chieftan around the time of the War of the Silver Marches. During the war he was badly wounded, leaving him with an orc spearhead embedded in his chest.[2]



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