The Sleeping Cat was a tavern and restaurant located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr in the mid–14th century DR. Its proprietor was Whelgar Taerncole.[1][2]


The Sleeping Cat was originally just a tavern, and a rowdy place that enjoyed nightly brawls, until it was bought by Whelgar Taerncole. Sick of the brawling, Whelgar got rid of both taproom and wine cellar, and developed the place as a restaurant instead.[1] In 1358 DR, the Sleeping Cat operated as both tavern and restaurant.[2]

By around 1369 DR, the Sleeping Cat had steadily become a proper, quality restaurant, with an improving menu. It was a favorite of Volothamp Geddarm.[1]


The Sleeping Cat had only a small menu, but the cooks dedicated themselves to mastering the recipes and slowly improving it. The Volo's Guide would give the restaurant a top rating but for the limited menu.

Among its offerings were roast venison, fried eel soup, pork pastries, chicken and pheasant pies, stewed hare, wine-simmered goose, and aged brandycake. The only alcoholic beverages were a small quantities of brandy, clarry, and mead.

The cooks could remember a regular patron's preferences, such as whether they wanted their meat rare or well done, or if they liked horseradish or gravy.[1]


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