Sleeping poison was an extremely potent poison that put the victim to sleep.

Types of sleeping poisonEdit

Drow sleeping poison

The drow were renowned for their sleeping poison, also known as drow knockout poison or simply drow poison. It was hard to find outside of drow areas.[1] The drow coated the tips of their hand crossbow bolts in this poison and sometimes imbued their weapons with it.[3][4] There were few antivenins, but Regis was able to brew an antivenin that lasted half a day,[5] and drinking Gutbuster was a surefire way to prevent falling asleep (assuming the drinker survived the Gutbuster itself).[6]


Drow sleeping poison was available from certain drow vendors in the Underdark. In Menzoberranzan, it could be obtained from Shimmerdark's Decanter in the Bazaar.[2]


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