Smallfry was a tavern owner in Skullport.[1]


Smallfry was an irritable, short-tempered, and pushy individual. The smallest criticism of his cooking made him furious, and he would quickly order his staff to eject or dispose of anyone uncultured enough to find fault with one of his meals.[1]


Smallfry managed, owned, and cooked for his restaurant, the Smallfry's Pantry.[1]


Smallfry was a good-natured adventurer in Undermountain until he found a bejeweled helm of opposite alignment in a kuo-toa temple. His fellow adventurers immediately noted the change in Smallfry's behavior, and tried to reverse the effect. What happened next is unknown, save that Smallfry returned to Skullport some time later, and never spoke on the matter again. Later in life, he opened an innovative restaurant.[1]



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