Snare was a transmutation or enchantment spell that created a magical booby trap.[1][7][8][9]


A loop at the end of some strong, supple material (rope, cord, a vine, a leather thong, etc.) became a magical trap that constricted around any creature stepping inside or passing through the loop. The loose end of the snare could be tied to something solid or, if tied to a strong, flexible tree nearby, the spell would cause the tree to bend down and then snap back to original shape when the snare was triggered, likely hoisting the prey up by an appendage.[1][7][8][9]

The snare was very difficult to detect by even those skilled in locating traps because the spell caused the snare to blend in with its surroundings, giving it nearly perfect camouflage. The trap was magical and could be detected by magical methods, but could not be escaped except by very strong creatures[1][7][8][9] or those dexterious enough to wiggle out of it.[1] A magical blade easily cut the cord, or a mundane sharp blade carefully inserted into the constricting circle and sufficient force applied was also effective in releasing captives.[7][8] A successful escape by any means broke the loop and the spell.[1] For the older version of snare, the enchantment slowly wore off over a 12 hour period.[7][8][9]


For the transmutation version of snare, verbal and somatic components were required, along with the caster's holy symbol or divine focus.[1] The alteration version also required the caster to braid a snakeskin and piece of sinew with the rope, vine or cord.[7][8][9]


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