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Short and bandy-legged, this humanoid has long arms, a shaggy half-pelt of white hair, and a large, loose sac in its throat that gives it a distinctly froglike appearance. It wears shabby leather armor and carries a wicked spiked club.

Snow goblins are shaggy humanoids with large throat sacs that they use to call to one another over long distances. The booming noises they make with these sacs can be heard for miles, and are used to signal hunting and war parties over wide areas. Snow goblins can also create loud monkey-like hoots.

Physical descriptionEdit

A typical snow goblin stands 3 to 4 feet tall, with long arms and seasonal fur color, changing from glossy black or brown in summer to pure white in winter. Its fur is typically crusted with ice and snow. Female snow goblins are larger and more aggressive than males. Both males and females take part in raiding parties, and most people who have met them agree that the females are just as aggressive as the males, and much crueler in the tortures they inflict on captives. Snow goblins also speak Common and Goblin. [1]


Snow goblins have a weak grasp of tactics but are quite fearless in their native hills. They often spring simple ambushes against invaders in their territory. these ambushes are sometimes preceded by the deliberate triggering of an avalanche in mountainous terrain. Snow goblins prefer to fight in groups, and both males and females are individually very brave, though they rarely fight in a coordinated way. Usually snow goblins are servants of greater powers, such as priests of winter deities, frost giants, or ogres. Under such leadership, their morale is quite high. Snow goblins love horseflesh and often steal horses from human settlements at night. [2]


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