The Snowdrift Inn was an inn in Easthaven within the Ten-Towns of Icewind Dale.[1]


Located near Pomab's Emporium in the eastern part of Easthaven, the wooden building looked inviting to many a cold traveler. The inn was surrounded on the outside by racks of drying knucklehead trout, which gave the surrounding area a fishy smell.[1]


The one-story inn was a comfortable sight with a warm common room and three rooms where adventurers from the Frozenfar could rest for an evening or two.[1]


The Snowdrift was owned by Quimby, who would share tales of Easthaven with newcomers.[1]


In Eleint, 1281 DR, an elven wanderer named Erevain Blacksheaf from Evereska stayed at the inn after his travels from Kuldahar in the Spine of the World.[1]




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