So Golin-po, nicknamed the Hojyko Yada (meaning "mountain badger"), was a human yakuza who was head of the Bakshi yakuza clan and through them the de facto ruler of the city of Ojy-do in Koryo around 1357 DR.


As the clanhead of the Bakshi, So Golin-po was the mastermind behind their rise to power over Ojy-do and the true ruler of the city. Although the city was nominally ruled by a governor appointed by King Wanang Sun, the Bakshi were able to manipulate the governor. Golin-po controlled both the city guard and the criminal underworld. He and the Bakshi worked only to gouge money from the city, which became dilapidated. Taking it as a personal insult, Golin-po was quick to order the murder of anyone who had the temerity to steal or con in his city, or who tried to shake his grip on power. Many who opposed the Bakshi were killed.[1]

Golin-po was actually seen himself, remaining closely guarded by his henchmen in his compound. However, each day he taught his combat techniques to students in the courtyard or garden. Those who offended the Hojyko Yada were often dragged in and beheaded during a practice fight.[1]


Golin-po saw any attempt to interfere in his rule or operate unpermitted in his territory as a personal insult, and was utterly ruthless in dealing with it. He enjoyed fighting.[1]


The Hojyko Yada was known to be a formidable warrior.[1]


He kept his forehead shaved and the remainder of his hair bound in a tight knot at the nape of his neck. Extensive tattoos covered his chest, back, and arms; he only allowed these to be glimpsed when meeting with his clan.[1]


Golin-po owned a matching pair of katana and wakizashi with hilts of ivory and jade. He obtained these through his illicit dealings with Kozakura, and rarely divested himself of them.[1]


So Golin-po's house was the largest in the city and in fact it was a fortified compound. It contained a courtyard and a formal garden; here, the Hojyko Yada executed those who offended him during martial training.[1]



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