Soarimbrar Heltharn the Younger was a boy king of Impiltur who never ruled.[3]


Soarimbrar was the son of Prince Verimlaun. He was named after his grandfather.[3] He had an older sister named Ilmara.[2] Soarimbrar was related to King Imphras II through Imphras' fourth son Velimbrar.[2]


Born in 1335 DR, Soarimbrar was declared king of Impiltur at the age of three years when King Rilimbrar, Queen Ilbritha, Crown Prince Imphras IV, and his own father, Prince Verimlaun all died in a mysterious fire at the royal tower.[3][4] Because Soarimbrar was too young to rule, his relative, Princess Sambryl, became Queen-Regent, as it was determined that her husband, Imphras IV, died after her father King Rilimbrar, and thus she had become a queen.[3]

King Soarimbrar, however, never lived to see the throne. He was murdered only a matter of days before his coronation when he had come of age in 1351 DR.[3] He had been riding through some farmlands near Lyrabar and his entire retinue died with him.[4] His assassins were never caught.[3]

Soarimbrar's nephew Imphras V became the next king, but he, too, was not old enough to reign.[3]



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