The Soft Whisper was a holy slayer organization in Zakhara who followed the teachings of Hakiyah, the Zakharan goddess of truth and honesty.[1]

The symbol of the Soft Whisper was a jade jambiya.[1]


An enemy of the Grand Caliph was an enemy of the Soft Whisper. It was unknown whether or not the Grand Caliph gave commands to the Soft Whisper, but those who spoke out against him met swift ends at the hands of these skilled assassins.[1]

Within Huzuz it was rumored that the Grand Vizier merely had to go pray at the Mosque of Hakiyah the Honest if she discovered a threat to the Grand Caliph's life and wished to have it eliminated.[3]


The Soft Whisper was the only holy slayer organization where all of the members were female.[1] They were led by Grandmother Rahmah al-Zahir.[2]

Base of OperationsEdit

Holy slayers of the Soft Whisper were active throughout the Land of Fate, but Golden Huzuz was the seat of their power.[1]

Several members of the Soft Whisper held positions of power with the royal harim of the Palace of the Enlightened Throne.[1]

The basement of the Mosque of Hakiyah the Honest housed several members of the Soft Whisper.[3]



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