Solaufein was a drow male living in Ust Natha and secretly a worshiper of Eilistraee. He grudgingly worked for the city's houses while at the same time not believing in the justification of the viciousness with which they dealt with other races and each other. He also had a particularly bitter relationship with Phaere, with whom he'd had an actual romantic relationship in the past. She had been tortured when they had been found out, and now there was nothing left but her ambition.

In the game Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Solaufein is encountered if the player chooses to have their party disguised as drow and infiltrate Ust Natha in order to retrieve Adalon's eggs. Solaufein is put in charge of the newcomers, and generally accompanies them on their missions, the first of which is rescuing Phaere from a group of illithid. The player character can gain a degree of respect from Solaufein by showing the right kind of attitude and intelligence, affecting future interactions with him. He is generally depressed with his life, when not exchanging insults with Phaere; she would have him killed at a whim if he did not have the protection of another house in the city. Eventually, she tells the player character to kill him, as they are not yet allied with any house and thus avoid the blame falling on her on a technicality, even though the player character is just about to gain the alliance of House Despana. (Drow have no real desire to forbid assassinations, they're just supposed to be done without getting caught.) It is possible to simply tell Solaufein to give his cloak as "proof" of his death and let him flee, whereupon he will also tell the story of himself and Phaere, and of his worship of Eilistraee. Phaere, thinking the player's party are drow, would never suspect they would have qualms about killing him. She will next tell of her plan to exchange the dragon eggs for fakes so that her mother will be killed by a demon she's summoning when she offers the fakes to it, and Phaere herself can use the real eggs as the new matron mother. If Solaufein is left alive, he will appear soon after with another set of fake dragon eggs, which can be given to Phaere so that she, too, will be killed.

Solaufein fights with a scimitar and a shield, both with a +3 enhancement bonus, and wears an (elven) chainmail +5 as well as the only piwafwi found in the game. All of his items are made with drow adamantine and will be destroyed aboveground in the sunlight.

A module for the game allows Solaufein to be taken as a party member.

The corresponding but not identical character in the novelization is called Solausein.


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  • Solausein, the corresponding but non-identical character from the novelization of the game.


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