Somraggah was a large town in Murghôm.[1]


Somraggah was a large town in the nation of Murghôm that sat along the Road of the Dawn, and bordered the Plains of Purple Dust.[1]

Once an important trade route, with the opening of the River Rauthenflow to ships, and the cessation of trade through Solon, trade along the Road of the Dawn, and through Somraggah, dwindled.[1]

Adding to the city's hardship, the northward expansion of the Plains of Purple dust caused the once-fertile landscape around the city to dry up, devastating the crops of local farmers.[1]

However, large despots of jasper and chalcedony were discovered in the former riverbeds, and the dry landscape allowed date palms to grow well, allowing the city to remain prosperous despite these changes.[1]

As of 1359 DR, the city was known for its jewelers, gem cutters, and miners, and its dates were shipped as far as Impiltur and Shou Lung.[1]



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