Son-liin was a stormsoul genasi who grew up with her father in the wilds of Akanûl.[1]


In 1479 DR she was very young, just barely a teenager. Aoth Fezim took her along on the Brotherhood of the Griffon's expedition to kill the gray dragon Vairshekellabex. She was the force's primary scout because she knew the land so well. While on the expedition, she was charmed by Yemere, a steel dragon disguised as a genasi. Yemere forced Son-liin to take the expedition through a canyon that was infected by Spellplague and caused her to shoot an orc during a parlay, touching off a brief battle. The charm was broken when Gaedynn Ulraes and Aoth killed Yemere.[1]

After her time fighting for Aoth, she asked to join the Brotherhood and was accepted for membership although she was told it would be many years before she was given a griffon.[citation needed]


Gaedynn became a mentor of sorts to Son-liin, watching her back and teaching her battle techniques. Their close association caused her to develop a crush on Gaedynn, although it was unsure whether he shared her feelings or not.[1]


Son-liin had purple skin.[1]


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