The Sons of Alagondar were a nationalist rebel group operating in the city of Neverwinter.

Almost all of the Sons of Alagondar were descendants of those who served Lord Nasher Alagondar. They refused to leave Neverwinter even as Mount Hotenow erupted and actively opposed the city's new self-imposed leader Lord Protector Dagult Neverember, wishing to return Neverwinter to the way it was before the cataclysm rather than creating the 'New Neverwinter' that Neverember endorsed.

Shortly after 1474 DR the group was led by a Harper named Cymril but she was killed when Neverember mounted reprisals against the group's activities. Leaderless, a power vacuum formed and soon the group split into two factions, the Nashers and the Graycloaks

The NashersEdit

Primarily made up of the younger members of the group and led by Arlon Bladeshaper, who claimed to be descended from one of the Neverwinter Nine, the Nashers were the more radical faction of the two, practicing extreme methods and allying themselves to the shadier side of Neverwinter's underworld such as the Dead Rats and Thayan agents, even using a former Kraken Society building as their Headquarters.

The GraycloaksEdit

Named after the old Neverwintan militia and led by the proprietor of the Driftwood Tavern, Madame Rosene, the graycloaks pursued more diplomatic ends. They put pressure on Lord Neverember to give Neverwintan citizens more political power, using subterfuge to advance their aims rather than force. However this approach met with much less success than the Nashers' more violent efforts.


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