Sophraea Carver was the youngest member of the Carver family, who were renowned as the keepers of Waterdeep's City of the Dead. She was somewhat unique as a heroine of the Realms in that she had no special abilities or adventuring profession. Although she was never touched directly by the Spellplague, some of the blue fire seeped into her and she gained a sixth sense while within the walls of the City of the Dead.[1]


Sophraea's goal in life was to become a dressmaker and she intended to obtain an apprenticeship with one of Waterdeep's finest dressmakers. Her plans were interrupted when something began to disturb the dead in the City of the Dead. Along with her friend Gustin Bone, Sophraea tracked the source of the disturbance to an old noble named Dorgar Adarbrent. With Dorgar's help, she and Gustin successfully reversed the curse and returned the dead to their tombs.[1]


Unlike the rest of her family, Sophraea was tiny. She had curly black hair.[1]


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