Speak with undead, a skill specifically taught to adept's of the Doom Guide, allowing the user to commune with the recently departed by calling upon their spirit from the plane it has receded to after death.

A Doom Guide at times uses this ability to console the family of the recently deceased, usually to convey the deceased last wishes, or provide information for those in the material plane.

The drawback of using this technique is that upon attempting to contact the deceased, the deceased must choose to answer the summons to the material plane. Although most times unable to discern WHO is summoning them, timid souls usually reject the summons for fear of who may be calling them before slipping further into the astral plane.


Nightshade petals


Drawing implement

Material possession of the deceased

Liquid of magical nature

Procedure Ritual circles are drawn around the deceased, the ritual circle containing symbols of the planet associated with the current month. A balm of nightshade and liquid of a magical nature is applied to the skin of the deceased, over the heart and forehead. The circle is consecrated with holy water and incense before beginning the summoning chant.

Effects As the deceased is called forth, the soul inhabits the physical form of the Doom Guide briefly, and can project only it's voice through the body, not control its actions and can converse for a brief period time before slipping away into the astral plane forever.

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