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-10000 DR to -226 DR
-227 DR to -4000 DR
-400 DR to -6500 DR
-650 DR to 1139 DR
113 DR to 1420 DR
1421 DR to 329 DR
32 DR to 639 DR
63 DR to 946 DR
947 DR to Al-Zira
Al-Zulma to Animate rock
Animate rope to Astral projection
Astral spell to Battle axe
Battle captain to Bladen'Kerst Baenre
Bladen'kerst Baenre to Bruenor
Bruenor's Climb to Chaid
Chaid al Farid al Fuqani to Clairburnus Tanthul
Clairsentience to Council of the Marches
Counselors & Kings Trilogy to Darkhidden
Darkhold to Dhalnada
Dhamir Ercals to Dragon magazine 227
Dragon magazine 228 to Dwarf domain
Dwarfhome to Elisker Hagathan
Elizabeth Danforth to Extermination
Exterminators to Firbolg
Fire to Fyodor
Fyodor of Rashemen to Goblinberry bush
Goblinkin to Guecubus
Guenhwyvar to Harshnag
Harshnag the Grim to Holy aura
Holy avenger to Icewind Dale Trilogy Collector's Edition
Icewind Dale series to Isair
Isair and Madae to Justice domain
Justice of Weald and Woe to Kitten
Kittenlord to Lateu'quor
Lathander to Lower Planes
Lower planes to Marpenoth 14
Marpenoth 15 to Mind fog
Mind mage to Mother Tara
Mother Tara's Festhall to Neveren Darkdance
Neversfall to Ogrémoch
Ohlmer Cormaeril to Pap
Par to Portal:Deities/Pantheons
Portal:Geography to Races of the Wild
Radiant Heart Auxiliary to Ressa
Ressic Ophal to Ruined Kingdoms
Ruins of Adventure to Second Era of Skyfire
Second battle of Shadowdale to Sherincal
Sheva Whitefeather to Small Teeth
Small Teeth Mountains to Starleaf
Starless Night to Symbol of weakness
Symgharyl Maruel to Terrien Doucard
Terrog to The Halls of Stormweather
The Hand to The high one
The iron one to Towers of Night
Towers of Willful Suffering to Ulstult
Ultas Maernos to Vhostym
Viakoo to Westgate Ruby
Westways to Year of Rogue Dragons
Year of Rogue Dragons (disambiguation) to −9800 DR

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