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-10000 DR to -23100 DR
-231 DR to -409 DR
-40 DR to -6600 DR
-660 DR to 1158 DR
1159 DR to 143 DR
1440 DR to 349 DR
34 DR to 65 DR
660 DR to 967 DR
968 DR to Altraloth
Altumbel to Arlgolcheir
Arlho's Fine Flasks to Barandos Hawklin
Baraskur to Bladesinger (novel)
Blaerla Roaringhorn to Cairn
Caladnei to Children of the Starry Quill
Chill to Coram Wheelarit
Coramshan to Dark and Hidden Ways
Dark elf to Dire flail
Dire radiance to Drow Dictionary
Drow Judicator to Eleint 15
Eleint 16 to Evereskan Tomb Guard
Evereskan Tomb Guardian to Fire storm
Fire titan to Gauntlgrym
Gauntlgrym (novel) to Great Treasures of Evermeet
Great Vale to Hammergrim
Hammerhand's Wagons and Woodwork to Holy Aura
Holy Avenger to Illithid
Illithid Body Tamer to Jaqal
Jaquor Silver to Khoroshen
Khorrl Xornbane to Laughing Goblin Inn
Laughingflow to Maelstrom
Maeluth to Melair IV
Melairbode to Moongleam Tower
Moonhoney to Netheril
Netheril: Empire of Magic to Omalra
Omalra Dracohorn to Phraxas
Phsant to Purple worm
Pursenose to Remove fear
Remove paralysis to Ryul Ilbaereth
S'feria Ranul to Shadow Sea
Shadow Thief to Sirine
Sirrus Melandor to Staff of eyes
Staff of fiendish darkness to Tabaxi language
Table of the Sword to The Bent Bow (tavern)
The Best of the Realms to The Planewalker's Handbook
The Platter of Plenty to Thunderlance
Thunderpeak Mountains to Tymora's Fancy
Tymora's Luck to Vesvur Alder
Vhaeraun to Winding Water
Winding Way to Zhents
Zhjaeve to −9800 DR

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