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-10000 DR to -226 DR
-227 DR to -4000 DR
-400 DR to -650 DR
-651 DR to 113 DR
1140 DR to 1421 DR
1422 DR to 330 DR
331 DR to 641 DR
642 DR to 949 DR
94 DR to Alither
Alkammar (ship) to Arclath Delcastle
Arctic dwarf to Balduran's Log Book
Baldurs Gate to Black pudding
Black road to Bruneil
Brunos Costak to Charon's claw
Charred Citadel to Community of the high brows
Companions Codex to Daile Redfletching
Daisy to Destroy water
Destruction to Dragon turtle
Dragonback Inn to Ed Gentry
Ed Greenwood to Energetic healing
Energy Drain to Feast of the Moon
Feast of the Moon (module) to Fraeyer Illance
Fraternity of Tharos to Gnome language
Gnome pantheon to Gwynneth (person)
Gynosphinx to Helmeir's Highboots
Helmgrove to House Srune'lett
House Symbaern to Inquisitor of the Drowning Goddess
Inrath Mirandor to Juiblex
Juju zombie to Korred
Korreds to Lifedrinker
Lifespring to Malathon
Malatra to Mezzoloth
Mhaernos Falconstar to Mortal Strike
Morth Fartheen to Night Hag
Night Helm to Orbbcress
Orbedal to Pit fighter
Pitney Lannon to Qilue Veladorn
Qilué to Repel Vermin
Repel insects to Sacred Oak
Sacred flame to Shadow Thieves
Shadow Thieves of Amn to Singing Wind Inn
Singing sword to Sshamath
Sshansalue Wonderharp to Syòrpiir
Szarkai to Thayan gladiator
Thayan knight to The Nine
The Nine Bells to Thoster
Thoth to Tuigan
Tuigan (language) to Vander Stillhawk
Vandover to Wemic
Wendonai to Ysval
Yuan-Ti to −9800 DR

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