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-10000 DR to -226 DR
-227 DR to -4000 DR
-400 DR to -650 DR
-651 DR to 113 DR
1140 DR to 1421 DR
1422 DR to 330 DR
331 DR to 641 DR
642 DR to 949 DR
94 DR to Alither
Alkammar (ship) to Arctic dwarf
Arcturia to Baldurs Gate
Baldurs gate to Black road
Black sapphire to Brunos Costak
Brusco Brawnanvil to Chase the Dragon
Chathi Oandem to Companions of the Noble Heart
Companions of the Pallid Mask to Dalagar's Dagger
Dalath's Span to Detect Scrying
Detect Secret Doors to Dragonborn
Dragonborn of Bahamut to Edge of Justice
Edificant Library to Enki
Enlarge to Feint of Honor
Feint of Honour to Freedom domain
Freedom of Movement to Goblinoid
Goblinoids to Hades
Hadrhune to Herald's Holdfast
Herald domain to House X'larraz'et'soj
House Xorlarrin to Introduction to Advance Dungeons & Dragons
Introduction to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons to Justiciar of Tyr
Justiciar of tyr to Kraliqh
Krashos Morueme to Limbo
Limited Wish to Malveen
Malvin Draga to Mighty cleaving
Mighty one to Mount Thorog
Mount Waterdeep to Nightal 18
Nightal 19 to Order of St. Dionysus
Order of St. Uzurr to Planescape Campaign Setting
Planetar to Quelaerel
Quelamia to Return of the Archwizards
Returned Abeir to Sakrattars Irithyl
Salember to Shadowdale (town)
Shadowdale Trail to Skiff
Skiggaret to Stannis Malveen
Star Meadow Hall to Taerom Fuiruim
Tagreth Cormaeril to The Best of the Realms
The Best of the Realms II to The Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos
The Planewalker's Handbook to Thunder Blessing
Thunder Gap to Twilit Land
Twilit land to Velcuthimmorhar
Veldorn to Wheloon Watch House
Whip to Zaltec
Zaltys Serrat to −9800 DR

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