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-10000 DR to -226 DR
-227 DR to -4000 DR
-400 DR to -6500 DR
-650 DR to 1139 DR
113 DR to 1420 DR
1421 DR to 32 DR
330 DR to 63 DR
640 DR to 947 DR
948 DR to Alansyn Ambrilar
Alaor to Anton Marivaldi
Anton Yinoran to Auran
Aurbangras to Beholders
Behroun Marhana to Blue Age
Blue Banner to Calkontor
Call Lightning to Ches 3
Ches 30 to Complete Mage
Complete Psionic to Daelyth's Dagger
Daemon to Demihumans of the Realms
Demilich to Doubloon
Doug Stewart to Dungeon magazine
Dungeon magazine 126 to Elemental fire sphere
Elemental forbiddance to Everlund to Silverymoon (Road)
Everlund to Sundabar (trail) to Filfaeril Stormbillow
Filfar "Trollkiller" Woodband to Fyrentennimarr
Fyrfar Smokebeard to Gold sheen
Goldander Blackenrock to Gzemnid
H'Catha to Heavy aspergillum
Heavy flail to House Evanara
House Everet to Ilvani
Ilvarthaele Everstone to Janszeene Naerhand
Janthrin to Kella
Kellindil to LC1
LC2 to Lizardman
Lizardmen to Malphys Maraphiir
Malruthiia Chaadren to Metahel
Metal domain to Moradin
Morag to Nemesis (property)
Nentyarch to Oeble
Oenath to Pantheist League
Pantheist Temple of Tyr to Portal:Magic
Portal:Magic/Featured to Raise dead
Raise water to Rhinnom Dannihyr
Rhinoceros to Sagrast Dracohorn
Saharel to Severin
Severin Silrajin to Silly Satyr
Siluele Taemelsin to Sphere of annihilation
Sphere of ultimate destruction to Sunrod
Sunscorch to Teelah
Tehrinna to The Faithless
The Fall of Highwatch to The Three
The Throne of Bloodstone to Tordon Sureblade
Toren to Uktar 8
Uktar 9 to Veron Angalen
Versei to Wheloon Watch House
Whip to Yklwa
Ylarell to −9800 DR

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