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"Adera Moonfist" to -224 DR
-22500 DR to -398 DR
-399 DR to -648 DR
-649 DR to 1132 DR
1133 DR to 1414 DR
1415 DR to 319 DR
31 DR to 626 DR
627 DR to 933 DR
934 DR to Akûrian
Al-Adib River to Anchorome
Ancient Ones to Artreth Obarskyr
Artrimmar to Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn
Baldur's Gate II to Bhalla
Bhaluin to Book Knowledge
Book of Exalted Deeds to Canderous
Candlekeep to Ches 27
Ches 28 to Command plants
Command water spirits to Cult of the Shattered Peak
Cult of the dragon to Dead power
Deadly Homecomings to Dire wolves
Director to Dragonbait
Dragonbane to Dyltharra
Dynaheir to Elkord
Ellery Dragonsbane to Exploit
Explosive Runes to Filiare
Filina Shintar to Frost Riders
Frost agate to Glacier of the Lost King
Glacier of the White Worm to Greenfields
Greenfields (Unther) to Hammer (month)
Hammer 1 to High Council
High Country to House of Holy Suffering
House of Hope to Imprisoners
Imprisonment to Janni
Jannti to Karsoluthiyl
Karst to Kossuth
Kossuth's Eyes to Legacy of the Green Regent
Legal thoughts to Lure of Jaws
Lureene Dundragon to Marpenoth 14
Marpenoth 15 to Milshoun's Stronghouses
Miltiades to Morning star
Morningdawn Hall to Needle wrens
Needleleaf pine to Nycaloths
Nyerhite Verther to Osaw
Osaw I to Plaguelands
Plaguesoul genasi to Purple Dragon ale
Purple Dragon knight to Razor grass
Re to Risen Sun heresy
Rising Tide to Salamander
Salember to Sentinelspire (novel)
Ser'ryu to Ship Baram
Ship Kurth to Soapstone
Soares to Stelwyn Russlewood
Stenchstreets to Symgharyl Maruel
Sympathy to Tenish
Tenmei to The Giantkiller
The Gilded Rune to The Watchful Eye
The Watchful Shield to Tor Millows
Torchtower to Tzirik
Tzirik Jaelre to Var the Drowned
Var the Golden to Water blast
Water breathing to Wunturn Radest
Wurlur to Zhundult"Stormhand"Ulblesk
Zhundult "Stormhand" Ulblesk to −9800 DR

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