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-10000 DR to -226 DR
-227 DR to -4000 DR
-400 DR to -6500 DR
-650 DR to 1139 DR
113 DR to 1420 DR
1421 DR to 32 DR
330 DR to 63 DR
640 DR to 947 DR
948 DR to Alaundo
Alauneth Orrane to Aragauthos
Aragrakh to Aylen Attricus
Aylth Elendara to Bent Bow (fletcher)
Bent Bow (tavern) to Book of the World
Booming blade to Cassana
Cassandra Thann to Cierre
Cimarine Isles to Cormyrian
Cormyrian Freesails to Dark Weavings Bazaar
Dark and Hidden Ways to Dictum
Dier Ashlin to Dragons of Faerûn
Dragonsoul heir to Edificant Library
Edwin to Endless Ice Sea
Endless Revels of Life to Far Realm
Faran Ferromar to Forgotten Realms Conspectus
Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas to Ginyak weed
Giogi Wyvernspur to Griffon's Grog
Griffon's Nest to Harneth Breldren
Harnoth to Honlinar
Hook Horror to Ilimitar
Iliph Thraun to Jagged Dagger
Jagre to Keep of Pale Night
Keep of the Lizard King to LC3
LC4 to Llyllanndra Havenstar
Loagrann to Manual of the Planes
Manual of the Planes (disambiguation) to Midwinter
Midwood to Mossbridges
Mosstone to Neverwinter Wood
Neverwinter Wood (novel) to Olósynne Dynasty
Omalra to Permanent Image
Permanent image to Procampan
Procampur to Read Magic
Read magic to River Tath
River Tesh to Scoril
Scoril Cimber to Sharnwall
Sharpshooter to Snake
Snake-Dog to Stone golem
Stone of Tymora to Tanarspear Hill
Tanarukk to The Blue Dragons
The Blue Griffon to The Ravager (halberd)
The Ravencoat to Thunderstone
Thundersword to Tutugnik
Twelvestars to Vankila Slab
Vanrak Moonstar to Wearers of Purple
Wearers of purple to Year of Blue Fire
Year of Lightning Storms to −9800 DR

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