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-10000 DR to -226 DR
-227 DR to -4000 DR
-400 DR to -650 DR
-651 DR to 113 DR
1140 DR to 1421 DR
1422 DR to 330 DR
331 DR to 641 DR
642 DR to 949 DR
94 DR to Algashon Nathaire
Algorn to Arch of Goolgog
Archdevil to Bakar
Bakhara Spires to Black Blood Tribe
Black Blood cultist to Briost Elthauryn
Brister Fendlestick to Champion's strength
Champion of Gwynharwyf to Cloaker
Cloaker War to Curse of Yondalla
Curse of the Azure Bonds to Delzoun
Delzuld to Draconic
Draconic (disambiguation) to Dustclaws
Dusty Hoof to Elminster hunting
Elminster in Hell to FR series
Fabricate to Flare
Flattery Wyvernspur to Ghilanna Tlabbar
Ghost to Greenest
Greenfields to Harammas Malark
Harandave Donohar to Holy Avenger
Holy Hill Farm to Ilbratha
Ilcanor of Luthcheq to Jaguar lord
Jahed to Kensei
Kensidan to Lagoon of the Brave
Laharin Goldbeard to Lord of Stormweather
Lord of Waterdeep to Marpenoth 28
Marpenoth 29 to Mirtul 23
Mirtul 24 to Mystic theurge
Mystic transfer to Niskam Tresdaap
Nisstyre to Ormitar
Ormpetarr to Pocket Plane (Baldur's Gate)
Poison to Raavasta
Rabbit to Rhazbos Redbridle
Rhazzt's Dilemma to Sammereza Sulphontis
Samra to Shadowdale Trail
Shadowdancer to Skeleton Shore
Skeletons to Staff of the hulk
Staff of transportation to Taark Shanat
Tabasheer to Thazar Arkanak
The Abduction to The Ogre's Pact
The Old Mage to Thoyana Jorgadaul
Thradulf's Camp to Tuigan (language)
Tuigan Horde to Vampiric (disambiguation)
Vampiric (weapon quality) to Weather stasis
Weather summoning to Yesvelde Shaerim
Yeti to −9800 DR

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