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-10000 DR to -226 DR
-227 DR to -4000 DR
-400 DR to -6500 DR
-650 DR to 1139 DR
113 DR to 1420 DR
1421 DR to 32 DR
330 DR to 63 DR
640 DR to 947 DR
948 DR to Alabaster
Alaeros Margaster to Annihilation
Annis to Atreus Eleint
Atropal to Battleloth
Battlepriest of Cormyr to Blinding smite
Blindness/Deafness to Burning sphere
Burning spray to Charger
Chariot of Sustarre to Cloak of the crow
Cloak undead to Crown of flame
Crown of glory to Deadly pudding
Deadsnows to Dispel good
Dispel law to Dream
Dream Vestige to Egeissag
Eha to Enchara
Encrypt to Fane of Lolth
Fane of Quarvelsharess to Fluorspar
Fluvenilstra to Gervas Imesfor
Gestal to Great Mother
Great Padisha of the Marid to Hallucinatory terrain
Halondar to High Haspur
High Hedge to House of Skilled Hands
House of Song to Iniarv
Iniarv's Tower to Jewels
Jezz the Lame to Khareesa H'kar
Kharran Fel to Lair of the Hidden
Lair of the Night Masters to Long canyon
Long road to Mantled King
Mantled king to Mez'Barris Armgo
Mezro to Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion
Mordenkainen's faithful hound to Nelanther Isles
Neldorild to Obould Many-Arrows
Obould XVII to Pag
Page prince to Pool of Twilight
Pools of Darkness to Quinix
Quinn Moonwane to Repair injury
Repel Metal or Stone to Rubban
Rubbaniyah to Sebek
Secomber to Shield
Shield (merchant) to Snare
Snilloc to Steven E. Schend
Steven James to Tabot
Tabra to Thaola
Thaola's Wineshop to The Legend of Drizzt: The Collected Stories
The Legend of Drizzt Anthology: The Collected Stories to Thieves' cant dictionary
Thieves' guild to Trehgan
Trek bell to Unger Hilldark
Unhath to Volumvax
Volzakaris to Winski Perorate
Winter's Cradle Tavern to Zaknafein Do'Urden
Zaknafien to −9800 DR

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