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-10000 DR to -226 DR
-227 DR to -4000 DR
-400 DR to -6500 DR
-650 DR to 1139 DR
113 DR to 1420 DR
1421 DR to 32 DR
330 DR to 63 DR
640 DR to 947 DR
948 DR to Alcheringa
Aldani to Araugauthos
Araumycos to Azoun V
Azoun V Obarskyr to Besnell
Bestial domain to Bracers of the Blinding Strike
Bracers of the blinding strike to Catti-brie's forest
Cattie-brie to Cities of Bone
Cities of Mystery to Council of Four
Council of Mages to Daruk
Darvis Shennelm to Disciples of the White Rod
Discipline to Dripping Dagger
Drisinil Armgo to Eldritch giant
Eldritch knight to Erik Mona
Erik Scott de Bie to Fevered certainty of Caiphon
Fey to Frigid blade
Frigid darkness to Goblinkin
Goblinoid to Gwydion
Gwynneth to Heliopolis
Hell hound to House Korianthil
House Le'Quella to Impeding permission
Impervious sanctity of mind to Jezz the Lame
Jhaam to Kiira
Kiksa to Laroun
Larva to Lugh
Luiren to Mass heal
Mass inflict critical wounds to Misty Forest
Misty Vale to Nadrathen
Nadul DaRoni to Nojheim
Nolaloth to Ornoth I
Oroch's Stride to Players Handbook II
Player’s Guide to Faerûn to Quimby (disambiguation)
Quinix to Retch plant
Reth to Sablehearth
Saborn Rendel to Shaar Desolation
Shaaran to Silver dragon
Silver dragon sauce to Spine of the World
Spine of the World (disambiguation) to Sword of Gith
Sword of Shadows to Terazul
Terlen to The Helm at Highsun
The Herald to The land of mages
The lord of depths and darkness to Traveler's Cloak Inn
Traveler's dust to Unicorn (Herald)
Unicorn Run to Wail of the banshee
Wailing Cliff to World Pillar Mountains
World Tree to −9800 DR

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