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-10000 DR to -23100 DR
-231 DR to -409 DR
-40 DR to -6600 DR
-660 DR to 1158 DR
1159 DR to 143 DR
1440 DR to 349 DR
34 DR to 65 DR
660 DR to 967 DR
968 DR to Altraloth
Altumbel to Arlgolcheir
Arlho's Fine Flasks to Baram
Barandos Hawklin to Bladesinger
Bladesinger (novel) to Cailek Balathorp
Cairn to Chief Tapeyzin
Children of the Starry Quill to Coral
Coram Wheelarit to Dark Weavings Bazaar
Dark and Hidden Ways to Dire corby
Dire flail to Drow
Drow Dictionary to Eleint 14
Eleint 15 to Evereska
Evereskan Tomb Guard to Fire shield
Fire shroud to Gauntlets of ogre strength
Gauntlets of the valorous to Great Sea
Great Sword to Hammer of moradin
Hammergate to Hollow Mountain
Holly Harrowslough to Illasera the quick
Illefarn to Jaod
Japheth to Khin-Oin
Khondar Naomal to Lateu'quor
Lathander to Maea Dulgussir
Maegera to Meisarch
Mel Odom to Moonfire
Moonfire (disambiguation) to Nether the Elder
Netherese to Olosynne
Olosynne Dynasty to Philip Athans
Philosopher grell to Purple Rocks
Purple Spire to Remove Disease
Remove affliction to Rysar
Rysellan to Shadow Amazon
Shadow Epoch to Singing Wind Inn
Singing sword to St. Dionysus
St. Sollars to TSR product list
Taalmuth Chaadren to The Bard of Shadowdale
The Barrens of Doom and Despair to The Phantom Knights
The Pick and Lantern to Thunderbeast
Thunderbeast (disambiguation) to Tyllaetha Silverspear
Tyluk to Versei
Verthandantalynx to Willow
Wind Wall to Zhai
Zhengyi to −9800 DR

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