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-10000 DR to -226 DR
-227 DR to -4000 DR
-400 DR to -650 DR
-651 DR to 113 DR
1140 DR to 1421 DR
1422 DR to 330 DR
331 DR to 641 DR
642 DR to 949 DR
94 DR to Alisannara Morcane
Alither to Archtassel
Archwizard to Baldur's Gate series
Baldur's gate to Black cohosh
Black dragon to Bruenor's Falls
Bruenor Battlehammer to Charm person
Charm person or mammal to Commander's ring
Common to Dagnabbit
Dagohnlar to Desert giant
Desert of Desolation to Dragon magazine 346
Dragon magazine 362 to Eastern Shaar
Easthaven to Emthrara Undril
Enchanter to Farrowbrace
Farsea Marshes to Fortunate Isles
Forum to Glorming
Glorming Pass to Gulf of Luiren
Gullykin to Helgabal
Helgre to House Matrell
House Melarn to Infernal planes
Inferno to Jon Irenicus
Jonah Strake to Knights of the Flying Hunt (disambiguation)
Knights of the Golden Star to Lesser shadow tentacle
Leucrotta to Magical beast
Magical beasts to Merchant Duke
Merchant Prince to Morada Topolino
Moradin to Neversfall (novel)
Neverwinter to Once Around the Realms
Ondal to Pheldaer
Pheln Aldtorth to Psychoportation
Ptah to Regent of City Works
Reghed to Ruins of Blaskaktar
Ruins of Myth Drannor to Serusan
Servant of the Shard to Silvanus
Silver to Spike growth
Spike stones to Sword of the Dales
Sword of the Gods to Teuveamanthaar
Tewacha to The Lady of Loss
The Lake Spirits to Thessilion
Thessilion Crownsilver to Trimia's catalogue of Outer Plane artifacts
Trio Nefarious to Uthorn
Uthula to Water opal
Water walk to Yarno
Yartar to −9800 DR

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