Spell immunity was an abjuration spell that made the recipient completely resistant to one or more particular spells of 4th level or below.[1][6][7]


The caster was required to touch the recipient in order to successfully cast this spell. The older version of this spell only allowed the caster to grant immunity to a spell that he or she had previously experienced. For example, if the caster had been hit by a flame blade in the past, then the caster could bestow immunity to flame blade using this spell.[6][7] The newer version of spell immunity had no such restriction, just that the spell, spell-like effect of a magic item, or spell-like ability of a creature be equivalent to a 4th level spell or less. Also, the newer version could grant immunity to an additional spell for every four levels of the caster,[1] whereas the older version only gave immunity to one spell.[6][7]

The duration for both versions of this spell was 10 minutes per experience level of the caster. Neither version protected against breath weapons, gaze attacks, or other supernatural or extraordinary abilities. Each spell chosen had to be a specific named spell, not a school or domain or group of spells.[1][6][7] Creatures already protected from a particular spell by a potion, ring, or other means were not granted any additional protection by spell immunity.[6][7] Only one spell immunity or greater spell immunity could be active on a creature at a time.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the newer version of this spell required the use of the caster's holy symbol or divine focus.[1] The older version of spell immunity required the same components as the spell begin protected against.[6][7]


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