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Basic Information
Author(s) Anthony Pryor
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Type Accessory
Realm year(s) 1368 DR[1]
Binding Boxed set
Released June 1995
Pages 208 total
ISBN 10 0-7869-0139-X
ISBN 13 978-0786901395

Source: product listing
The Unapproachable East. Legendary region of unrivaled magic and profound mystery, the lands on the border of the Endless Waste have tantalized and captivated adventurers in the Forgotten Realms since word of their existence reached the west. Few have returned from travels in those lands, and those who did reveal tales too peculiar for truth—or so it was though until now.

Here at last are the secrets of three of the most mysterious—and dangerous—nations in all of Faerûn: Thay, land of the treacherous Red Wizards; Aglarond, home to the unimaginably powerful Simbul; and Rashemen, realm of enigmatic Witches and wild berserkers. Adventurers beware: The treasures and excitement of the Unapproachable East invite the courageous, yet strangers are never welcomed!

The Spellbound Campaign Expansion boxed set contains:

  • A 128-page Campaign Guide to the three countries, including city maps and unique sites, new character kits, spells, magical items, and major NPCs.
  • Two 32-page adventures that immerse the PCs in the often-deadly power politics of the region. In Throne of Deceit the characters must defend Rashemen from a deadly invasion by Thayan wizardry. The Runes of Chaos sends adventurers into the heart of Thay itself to foil the mad schemes of the would-be Thayan conqueror Szass Tam.
  • A 16-page MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM booklet featuring twisted Thayan creations, the unpredictable nature spirits of Rashemen, and fearie creatures from the depths of Aglarond's magical Yuirwood.
  • Eight full-sized card sheets providing adventure hooks and encounter charts for the three realms, useful DM information, and player aids for the adventures.
  • Three full-color maps—two of the region, displaying greater detail than ever seen before, and one of Eltabbar, the capital city of Thay.


  1. Anthony Pryor (1995). Spellbound (Campaign Guide). (TSR, Inc), p. 127. ISBN 978-0786901395.

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