Spelljammer: the Pirates of Realmspace is a video game for MS-DOS released by Strategic Simulations, Inc. in 1992. It uses the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Second Edition, Spelljammer rules. It was programmed and designed by Cybertech Systems.


The player captains a ship and crew. The player can ship goods from planet to planet for a fee, take on simple missions including, delivering people and goods, destroying pirates, and guarding the space lanes. As the player completes missions his character gains reputation points, eventually gaining enough points to be asked to help rid Realmspace of a terrible danger.


During the course of space travel, the player while travelling in wildspace, may encounter other spelljammer vessels. If the player determines the vessel is hostile, space combat may commence by attacking (or being attacked) by said vessel. Combat consists of two different areas:

  • Vessel-To-Vessel combat, where the player can battle other spelljammers with the ship's weapons. These weapons (depending on the spelljammer type) consists of ranged weapons (catapult, ballista); ramming, shearing attacks, and grappling the enemy vessel to board it.
  • Hand-to-Hand combat, where the player boards or is boarded by an enemy vessel after a successful grappling attempt (top-down perspective). In hand-to-hand combat, participants are divided into the ship's mates and the ship's crew. The player has complete control of the ship's mates, whereas the artificial intelligence (AI) takes control of the ship's crew. Victory is decided when all of the enemy mates and crew are destroyed.



AeronCystal CloverleafErica RavenhairEva DulacGrendalGrog StiffbeardJasmine BlossomJulia ValadorLady ArinaLatitia LendleafLoric BrightshieldMadam MonaMelcar The WiseMoran SilverleafNory GreybeardRobin SwiftsailSopa SwiftfingersStephan Longlegs
AntonEldran FirestaffEstaf MorallanFindo BurrfootGrisdale HelfirssonLeif MitdalLongbottom GreybottleQuall D'OrdSlath BrokentailThoren


AarakocraDwarfElfGhastGhoulGnomeGoblinHalflingHobgoblinIllithidLichLizardfolkNeogiOgreOrcSkeletonUmber HulkVampireWightWraithZombie


Planets and Moons
AthanarClive's DenHissstaUmberguardWaterdeep
Referenced only


ArmorBestow CurseBlessBlinkBlindnessBlurBurning HandsCause BlindnessCause Critical WoundsCause Light WoundsCause Serious WoundsChaosCharm PersonChill TouchCloudkillCone of ColdConfusionCure BlindnessCure Critical WoundsCure DiseaseCure Light WoundsCure Serious WoundsCurseDetect EvilDetect GoodDetect InvisibilityDetect MagicDimension DoorDispel EvilDispel MagicEnlargeFearFeeblemindFind TrapsFireballFire ShieldFlame StrikeFriendsFumbleGust of WindHasteHold MonsterHold PersonHold UndeadIce StormIdentifyInvisibilityKnockLightning BoltMagic MissileMelf's Acid ArrowMinor Globe of InvulnerabilityMirror ImageNeutralize PoisonPhantasmal KillerPoisonProtection from EvilProtection from GoodProtection from Normal MissilesRaise DeadRay of EnfeeblementRead MagicReduceRemove CurseResist ColdScareShieldShocking GraspSilenceSlay LivingSleepSlowSlow PoisonSnake CharmSpiritual HammerSpookSticks to SnakesStinking CloudStoneskinStrengthVampiric Touch



Game CreditsEdit

From the Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace manual.[1]

  • Director of Product Development: Al Escudero
  • Amiga programming: Colin Fox
  • Original IBM Programming: Alexander J. Russel
  • Game Design: Al Escudero
  • Music / Sound Programming: Peter Grisbale, Mark McGough
  • Art: Al Escudero, Marianne Van De Leygraaf, Alexander J. Russel, Earl Thurston, Ken Thurston
  • Writers/authors: Al Brown, Rick E. White
  • Producer: George MacDonald
  • Associate Producer: Rick E. White
  • Playtesting: Daniel Collins, Kym Goyer, Cyrus G. Harris, Jeffrey Shotwell
  • Cover artwork: Erik Olson
Strategic Simulations, Inc.
  • Producers: Nicholas Beliaeff, George MacDonald
  • Editors: Eileen Matsumi, André Vrignaud
  • Initial Development: Bret Berry, David A. Lucca
  • Art: William B. Yeatts
  • Lead Testers: Jeffrey Shotwell, Cyrus G. Harris
  • Sound/Music: Ralph Thomas, Dana Pearson
  • Playtest: Joshua M. Cloud, Daniel Collins, Forrest Elam, Sean House, Chris Warshauer, Zane Wolters, Christine M. Watson, Larry Stephen Webber, TSCS Inc.
  • Test Support: Kym Goyer
  • Desktop Publishing: Louis Saekow Design
  • Pre‑press Production: Louis Saekow Design
  • Printing: American Lithographers Inc.

Further ReadingEdit


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