Spellslayer wine was an alchemical concoction that temporarily disabled arcane casters' ability to use magic.[1]


It was discovered by a herbalist in Daerlun named Janesse Wyndsur. The potion was discovered accidentally by Janesse while she was experimenting with painkilling potions. The potion was made from wyvern blood, oak sap, harpy blood, and the herbs alarvaun, drace, and thelmallow flowers. Janesse began selling the potion in 1476 DR.[1]


The potion was described as a thick, clear syrup.[1]


Mages ingesting an undiluted dose of the potion were unable to cast spells for up to eight hours, although the duration of the effect varied. The potion took effect within several minutes. Some merchants sold diluted potions whose effects wore off sooner.[1]

Known VictimsEdit

Spellslayer wine was implicated in the deaths of


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