Spellstorm mages are wizards who see more clearly the nature of the arcane than most mortals. To a spellstorm mage, magic does not flow gently through the world in currents. Rather, it is a tempest to be calmed and unleashed at one’s beckoning. Spellstorm mages know how to do this, training themselves in a manner similar to wild mages to pluck spells straight out of the storm that surrounds them and cast them as they wish. [1]


Spellstorm mages have a natural command of magic, wielding it at will as they wish. This command over unbound sources of magic allow spellstorm mages to occasionally deal additional damage with their spells or recall the use of spells that they have already expended. Spellstorm mages of considerable power, when badly injured, also instinctually unleash a blast of powerful electrical energy from their bloodied body. [1]

Spellstorm mage spells often invoke the power of a furious storm of nature. Among the most basic spells available to a spellstorm mage is storm cage, which conjures a wall of powerful thunder and lightning to entrap foes within it. Another spell is sudden storm, which similarly allows a spellstorm mage to create a miniature tempest within a small distance of themselves, hindering the movmenet of any within.[1]


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