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Spernik was a member of the Cult of the Dragon in Phlan during the Tyranny of Dragons.


Spernik suffered from chronic nervousness. When under duress, he sweated profusely and stammered. But his promotion thrilled him, so Spernik told everyone who would listen to him the story of how he become a top leader in the Cult.


Spernik was a cultist cleric of Tiamat who had infiltrated Phlan for a long time. He stole a book from Mantor's Library in order to instigated a red dragon to attack the city. However, thanks to some adventurers, he was defeated in the end and arrested by the Knights of Black Fists.[2]

His trial became a long-running case, a fact that concerned Aleyd Burral. When his fellow cultists, led by Vorgansharax, launched a coup in the city in 1489 DR, Spernik was freed and became one of the top cultist leaders. Eventually, the Harpers, using Glevith as an intermediary, hired some adventurers in the city to capture or kill him, which they did after a fight.[3]




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