A spider mask was a drow item that allowed wearers to transverse any web safely.[1]


A spider mask was a black velvet mask with four jointed wire legs protruding from each side of it. It covered the wearer's face completely.[1]


A spider mask allowed the wearer to climb and remain unaffected by any spiderweb, web spell, tanglefoot bag, or similar effects. The wearer was also made more resistant to venom.[1]

Notable usersEdit

A spider mask was used by both Jarlaxle and Artemis Entreri to cross the magical fence of House Baenre in Menzoberranzan that otherwise defeated all other attempts at intrusion. Later Artemis used the same mask to escape a web spell cast by Vendes Baenre. It later fell into the possession of Gromph Baenre.[2]





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