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Sometimes known as spiderwalk or spider climb,[2] Spider scuttle was an invocation used by some warlocks, particularly those of the dark pact.


When cast, spider scuttle, allowed its caster to walk along the walls of a cavern like a spider, giving them shadowy legs that allowed them to move with unnatural ease and speed. Spider scuttle was a somewhat complex spell, but warlocks required only a short rest between castings in order to regain the power necessary to cast it again.[1]

Prior to the Spellplague, spider scuttle was more commonly known as spider climb, and was usable by wizards and sorcerers as well as warlocks. For the former two, spider climb was like any other spell, the number of castings allowed dependent upon a degree of preparation by the wizard or power of the sorcerer. Druids also used a similar evocation.[2]

The duration of the spell could be doubled by consuming a potion made from powdered datchas.[10]

Material componentsEdit

A drop of bitumen and a live spider, both of which must be eaten by the subject.


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