Spider shapes is a transmutation spell unique to clerics who worship deities of the spider domain that transforms its subjects into spiders.


When cast, this spell functions much in the same manner as spells like polymorph other. The caster can transform several willing creatures into a monstrous spider of any size (up to huge), though he or she can not change different creatures into different-sized spiders with the same casting. The spell has no effect on unwilling creatures.

Subjects remain in the spider form until the spell expires or until the caster dismisses the spell for all subjects. In addition, an individual subject may choose to resume her normal on his own. Doing so ends the spell for her and her alone.

Parts separated from the resulting spiders do not revert to their original forms, so the resulting spiders have poisonous bites.

Creatures polymorphed by spider shapes don't suffer from disorientation the way that those transformed by polymorph other often do. Subjects of spider shapes are also become refreshed as though they had received a full night's rest.