Spinagons (pronounced: /ˈspɪnɛgnzSPIN-eh-gonz[3]), or spined devils,[1] were porcupine-like fiends.


Spined devils weighed 150–250 pounds and stood up to 30 inches tall. They crawled around on all fours and were sometimes compared to a mastiff. They were covered with hundreds of sharp spines, quills, about 5–7 inches in length. The quills could be ejected on demand, and exploded into a flame after release. The spines buried themselves in the target, setting fire anything flammable.[citation needed]


Several spined devils guarded Zeeahd during his quest to find the Abbey of the Rose. In this instance, they hid inside the skins of cats, coming out only when bid by Zeeahd.[4]


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