The Spire of Kor towered over the High Desert of Zakhara about 10 miles (16.1 km) west of the village of Raziz.[1]

Description Edit

The Spire of Kor was a massive natural granite column, rising 400 ft (121.9 m) over the steaming sands below. It was topped by a plateau of black quartz.[1]

History Edit

Around the mid 1200's DR, the Spire of Kor was claimed by nine mystics from the small village of Raziz in honor of Kor, the Great God of Wisdom. Aided by a djinni, they eventually created a pathway that wound from the base of the tower all the way to the top where they conducted religious ceremonies on the plateau. Later, a caravan from Tajar discovered the bodies of the nine mystics at the base of the tower. Once per year, on the holy day of Ahad, the skeletons of the mystics rise from the sand, climb the spire, and spend all day praying to Kor for forgiveness. They return to their graves with the rising of the sun.[1]



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