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Spirit folk were mystical descendants of humans and natural spirits. These creatures were uncommon all over Faerûn but were most likely to be found in Rashemen. They are loving and peaceful creatures, in tune with the natural world around them.[2]


Spirit folk resembled humans, but with more delicate features. They had smooth, hairless skin, except on their head.[2]


Spirit folk get along well with most races, they are friendly and noninvasive.[2]


Spirit folk usually blended in with human societies. They lived their lives as normal humans would, but were usually considered as wise or spiritual by their peers. Humans who lived around spirit folk usually assume they were just eccentric humans rather than a separate species.[2]


Although rarely integrating with elven society, spirit folk got on well with elves.[2]


Mountain Spirit FolkEdit

These mountain dwellers were physically similar to other spirit folk. Mountain spirit folk could see in the dark, twice as far as humans. They also had the ability to talk with animals.[2]

River Spirit FolkEdit

Physically similar to other spirit folk, river-based subraces had the amazing ability to breathe underwater and speak with aquatic animals.[2]




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