The river Splendarrllur (also known as the Shining River by the shield dwarves) was one of the three greatest rivers of Amn.[1]


The Splendarrllur had cold and swift water, but it was still an important route for the barge traffic from the northeast to Lake Esmel.[1] The river was crossed by an ancient dwarven bridge, the Star Bridge.[note 1]


The river was part of the Esmelflow and began somewhere in the northeast of Amn. It was fed by the Vudlur and emptied into Lake Esmel,[1] at Akarav's Bay.[2] The Gem Road came close to its waters.[3]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

The ancient, mythal-hidden elven city of Myth Lharast was thought to be located five miles west of the Gem Road at the point where the Splendarrllur made its westernmost bend.[3]



  1. There is some confusion in the sources as to which dwarven bridge, either the Axe Bridge or the Star Bridge, crosses the Vudlur and to which spans the Splendarrllur. Lands of Intrigue: Book 2: Amn, on page 38, claims that the Axe Bridge crosses the Vudlur, yet it makes no mention of the Star Bridge. Page 43, on the other hand calls the Star Bridge the western bridge and the Axe Bridge the eastern bridge. If this were true, the Axe Bridge would cross the Splendarrllur and the Star Bridge would cross the Vudlur. The map included with the Lands of Intrigue box set shows this latter arrangement.


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