Split Mountain was a pair of peaks located far to the north of Faerûn, said to be the place where Annam All-Father cast down his great axe Sky Cleaver.[1]


Split Mountain appeared as just that, a mountain that had been split in two, with nearly identical needle-like peaks on each side. The inner walls of the split were sheer walls of granite rising up for more than a mile. An icy gorge, called Annam's Hallway ran through the center of the mountain and was full of talus and massive, hill-sized boulders. This gorge ran perfectly straight, emphasizing the supernatural manner in which the mountain supposedly formed.[1]

The mystical axe was located in a large cave at the bottom of a deep pit in the center of Annam's Hallway. The cave was formed from fallen rock and was not a true cave.[1]


Split Mountain was located in the utter north of Faerûn, beyond the Ice Spires North and Cuthbert Fief of Hartsvale but south of the Endless Ice Sea.[2]


The mountain was split some eight or nine thousand years before the erection of the Standing Stone by Annam All-Father. Discovering the affair that his wife Othea had been carrying out for millennia with the god Ulutiu, in anger, he threw his axe Sky Cleaver down at the mountain, splitting it in half.

The axe remained within Split Mountain for a hundred centuries until Basil of Lyndusfarne figured out its location and how to free it.[3] Several different "guardians" who presumably found the axe by accident, had lived in the cave at the bottom of pit. Over centuries, they had constructed a haphazard path down into the pit. In 1369 DR Basil, Galgadayle, Tavis Burdun, and the small group of giant-kin with them retrieved the axe from Split Mountain and used it to defeat the Twilight Spirit.[1]


Various inhabitants of the cave where the axe was located had existed over time, which Basil estimated to include verbeegs and cloud giants. Presumably, because of the magic of the axe, no more than one guardian lived there at a time.[1]

When Tavis descended into the cave to recover the axe, the current guardian was a hill giant named Snad. Prior to Snad, a fire giant named Kwasid had been the guardian.[1]


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