Spring mastery was a divine magic spell available to clerics and druids of Eldath, the Mother of the Waters. It could be used to create a spring, purify a spring, or teleport to another spring.[1]


This spell had three distinct uses.

Create a springEdit

If cast in a place where groundwater existed, this spell caused a small fount to bubble up out of the ground for as long as there was groundwater to support a spring (possibly permanently). If no groundwater was available, then a small but steady flow of water of Eldath appeared and lasted for almost two hours (even longer for more experienced casters). One creature could imbibe a dose of water of Eldath by sipping for one minute, giving over a hundred creatures the benefit of this potion. However, if any attempt was made to capture the magical waters in flasks, potion bottles, leather wine skins, etc., only about a half-dozen or so containers the size of the caster's two hands put together could be filled before the spring ran dry.[1]

Purify a springEdit

This spell could be used to purify an existing spring such that all pollutants, poisons, taints, waterborne diseases, corrosives, and monster secretions were permanently removed. Any aquatic monster with a fluid-based attack could not use it within 70 ft (21 m) of the center of the spell for an entire year.[1]

Additionally, the target spring became transparent as glass to the caster, with no distortion or dimness in the depths. If light was available, the caster could examine the stream bed, aquatic life, or submerged objects. Invisible creatures in the water were visible to the caster even if they were creatures such as water weirds or water elementals.[1]

Teleport to a springEdit

While standing on the banks of a spring, spring mastery could be used to transport the caster and all nonliving belongings being worn or carried to the nearest intersection with another watercourse, either upstream or downstream from his or her current position. The caster did not need to have prior knowledge of the destination. This spell could also be used to teleport from the banks of one spring to the banks of any other spring in Faerûn previously visited by and familiar to the caster, above ground or subterranean.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required three drops of water blessed by Eldath herself, one of her servitors, or one of her high-ranking priests (known as an Exalted of Eldath). These blessed drops were poured on the ground where a spring was desired to form, poured into an existing spring for purification, or poured into the hand of the caster for teleportation.[1]


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