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The springs of D'onto Yeudo was a mythical location said to lie on the island of Saishu, off the coast of Koryo in northeast Kara-Tur.[note 1]

The springs of D'onto Yeudo were one of the local legends that Dan Zor, the former king and governor of Saishu, wished to investigate. By 1357 DR, he sought adventurers who could find the mythical springs for him.[1]



  1. It is unknown if "D'onto Yeudo" is a person, place, or something else.


  1. Mike Pondsmith, Jay Batista, Rick Swan, John Nephew, Deborah Christian (1988). Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms (Volume II). (TSR, Inc), p. 122. ISBN 0-88038-608-8.

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