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Spysong was a scouting organization that collected information about threats to the kingdom of Damara for King Gareth Dragonsbane. Spysong operated in the Bloodstone Lands.[1] Their primary mission was finding the location and the defenses of the Citadel of Assassins.[2]

Notable membersEdit

  • Kane, who handled the long-range missions by way of his carpet of flying and spirit walking ability.
  • Celedon Kierney, who kept a close watch on the Grandfather of Assassins.
  • Riordan Parnell, who with the help of some fifteen bards around Vaasa and Damara coded important messages for Gareth into songs. Riordan also had a mobile strike force of a hundred fighters under his exclusive command, including twenty centaur cavalrymen.

There were also a number of rangers who kept a close eye on and protected these three important leaders as much as they coukd when they were out on the land.[2]



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