The squatting toad was a magical chalice carved in the shape of a toad. It was one of the Wo-ha Ui-jung, a collection of magical vessels created by the Han people of Koryo in ancient times.


The squatting toad could be used to cast the spell creeping darkness.

Furthermore, one who drank any kind of beverage from the cup would permanently gain slightly increased strength and agility but reduced charisma, as well as the ability to swim. They would also grow 1–4 inches (2.5–10 cm) in height. However, this would only happen once; repeating the ceremony or imbibing again would have no effect.


As one of the Wo-ha Ui-jung, the squatting toad's powers had most likely at one stage influenced the history of Koryo. The squatting toad came into the possession of the folk of the island of Saishu.

In the mid–14th century DR, the grateful people of Saishu presented the squatting toad as a gift to King Wanang Sun, for lifting the oppressive regime of the Sillan Empire. It was in his possession by 1357 DR.[1][2]



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