Squid was a minor agent of the Xanathar's Thieves' Guild in Waterdeep in 1379 DR.[1]


Squid was a gambler well known in the city and he knew all the rumors and gossip of Waterdeep. Usually he was in the Lucky Mermaid gambling hall.[1]


In 1379 DR, after one of his minions, Shynlar Draal, was captured by the Unyielding Sword mercenaries hired by the slaver Lanador alongside some other elves, the Xanathar ordered Squid to arrange a meeting between him and an adventuring party hired by the City Watch to investigate the matter. Squid managed to organize the meeting and fled. However, the next day, as a security measure, the Xanathar ordered the death of Squid.[1]


Squid was a pompous and frivolous individual.[1]


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