Ssendam (pronounced: /ˈsɛndʌmSEN-dum[1] or: /ˈsssɛndɑːmSSS-sen-dam[1]) was the Slaad Lord of Madness.


Ssendam appears as a gigantic golden amoeba with a humanoid brain as a nucleus. Ssendam has been described alternatively as male and female in different sources, and in truth it is impossible to tell what gender Ssendam is. Ssendam is widely believed to be the oldest slaad lord, predating even Ygorl.[citation needed]


Ssendam cares little for other slaad, and his involvement with the race is limited at best.[citation needed]


Ssendam's domain has been described as as a golden castle that rises from raw chaos.[citation needed]

Ssendam is often found floating in the vicinity of the Spawning Stone that serves as the mating grounds of the slaad race. There, she often takes the form of a golden slaad. Legends suggest that Ssendam serves as the stone's self-appointed guardian, although Ygorl is most often credited with the stone's actual creation.[citation needed]


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