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The staff of devotion was a magical item that could be found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1][2]


These magical items were available in a wide variety.[1][2]


Staves of devotion could only be used by priests and clerics.[1][2]

Any priest could use the following powers three times per day without draining any charges: atonement, bless, create food and water, cure light wounds, avert evil eye, and purify food and drink.[1][2]

Each of the following powers consumed one charge: cure serious wounds, dispel magic, enthrall, neutralize poison, and remove curse.[2]name="LoF:FaF-p52" />

Additionally, ethoists, moralists, and pragmatists could use the following powers at the expense of three charges: flame strike, holy word, legend lore, raise dead, and restoration.[1][2]

Simply carrying the staff of devotion bolstered the immunity of the wielder to many forms of attacks including poison and elemental attacks.[1][2]

Appendix Edit


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