A staff of night is made from a dark wood [1] covered in carvings of runes meaning stars, darkness and night. The wielder is granted immunity against the umber hulk's confusing gaze power. The staff contains the darkness, darkvision and low-light vision spells. It also contains the dispel magic spell but this only works against light spells, and two of the summon monster VI spell, but these will only summon one umber hulk, and can only be used once per tenday. If the summoned umber hulk dies or is destroyed, the staff will crumble to dust. The staff is worth around 30,000 gold pieces.[2]

Aumry, Lord of Shadowdale between 1300 DR and 1339 DR, possessed the staff of the hulk, a staff similar to a staff of night that was stolen from his tomb and never recovered.[3][4][5]


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