The staff of scrivening was a magical staff that allowed its wielder to transfer arcane texts and cast a number of different spells.[2][1]


The wooden staff was covered with symbols of quills and runes in many languages.[2]


The staff could transfer a written spell from one surface to another. It would disappear from the source text. and without need of ink or light, would transfer to another. This effect would not work on any spell concealed by the secret page spell.[1] It also allowed the wielder to cast the spells amanuensis, comprehend languages, erase, and read magic and suppress glyph.[2]

If the wielder of the staff of scrivening stepped on a glyph or symbol, and discharged its power, they would be protected from the type of effect released.[1]

All of the powers and functions of the staff were activated by will alone, though they required tactile contact with the wielder.[1]


The staff of scrivening originated in Myth Drannor [3]


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