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Stamkk was a male bugbear who ran the kitchen in the Coliseum of Maerimydra for Kurgoth Hellspawn.[1]


A bugbear of some stature, Stamkk was armed with an array of cleavers and kitchen knives.[1]


Stamkk was an especially cowardly bugbear for his size, despite his outward appearance as a bully he was not above fleeing as soon as he felt threatened.[1]


A passable chef, Stamkk could run a kitchen well enough to feed numerous fire giants.[1]


As the boss of a large kitchen, Stamkk had access to all manner of kitchen implements and utensils.[1]


Stamkk was a brutal with the goblins who helped him run his kitchen but conversely they would stick with the bugbear wherever he ran.[1]


In 1372 DR, the half-fiend fire giant Kurgoth Hellspawn invaded Maerimydra and made the Coliseum (Maerimydra) there his home. To feed his giant-sized appetite, Kurgoth conscripted Stamkk and a few goblins to prepare meals for him.[1]




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