The Star Mounts are an impressive and forbidding range of peaks, located in the center of the High Forest.[1]


Some rumors told that, during the peaceful nights among the Star Mounts, strange flashing lights took place which would attract or send away dragons and other flying creatures. According to other rumors, the elves would have created mysterious crystals that constellated the mountains, while some sinister constructs emitted beams of light when they were exposed to the moonlight. Some lonely peaks had a sharp cusp shape, they stood on the mountains' top. Many people thought that these protuberances were the dwellings of powerful wizards and formidable sorcerers. The aarakocras built their nests on these peaks and the dragons found shelter in the caves next to the Star Mounts.[3]


The earliest recorded names for these mountains have been attributed to the elves of Earlann, who named them for the stars in the northern heavens. Bard's Hill, Mount Vision and Hunterhorn today only possess the rough translation of their elven names, but Far Peak, Mount Journey and Shadowpeak are still sometimes known by their original names, respectively Y'tellarian (The Far Star), Y'landrothiel (Traveller's Star) and N'landroshien (Darkness in Light).[4] It is said by some that these names hint at some mystery which lies within the range.[5]


The geography of the land surrounding the Star Mounts is worthy of note as well. To the north, the land is unusually flat for the most part, while to the south the land is gnarled and twisted extensively. The curious nature of the surrounding terrain and the sudden abruptness of the mountain range, seemingly out of place, has caused some to speculate that the Star Mounts are not of natural origin. However, if this is the case, their roots go back to a time before elven recorded history.[citation needed]


The mountains themselves are very difficult to traverse. Overland, the terrain is incredibly steep and no known passes exist to the interior. Snow and inhospitable weather all year round make climbing hazardous, in this already remote location. By air, it is considered impossible for anything less powerful than a dragon to approach the Star Peaks with any degree of safety due to incredibly high winds which are a constant feature of the place.[citation needed]



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