The Star Worm, also known as H'Calos, is a unique creature that fell to Maztica in the city of Ixtzul in approximately 350 DR. The creature was originally encased in a metorite and was believed to be associated with the planet H'Catha. Although the residents of Ixtzul claimed the Star Worm was their protector in order to intimidate other cities, in reality the worm was placed into a magical slumber to prevent it from devouring the city and the rest of Payit. The last ruler of Ixtzul created a race of intelligent giant ants, the Bacar, to maintain the magical wards binding the Star Worm.[1]


The Star Worm is an excellent burrower and prefers to attack from beneath opponents and then swallow them whole. The sight of the Star Worm bursting through the ground will often cause opponents to flee in fear. Although the Star Worm has no spellcasting ability and lacks a dragon's special attacks, it's comparable in toughness to an adult dragon.[1]


Although the Star Worm is slightly more intelligent than a typical animal it thinks about very little other than eating.


The Star Worm looks similar to a giant centipede with a black chitin shell. It has forelimbs similar to a mantis' limbs.


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