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Starling house was one of the houses in the village of West Harbor on the Sword Coast North. It was inhabited by the Starling family.[1]


Located near the edge of the village, the Starling house was located next to Tarmas' home.[1]


Like the other houses in West Harbor, the Starling house was wooden.[1]


This was the largest building in West Harbor. It was composed of a children's bedroom, a hall, and a living room.[1]


Retta Starling and the Kalach-Cha's friend, Bevil Starling (as well as his siblings), lived in this house. When duergar and bladelings attacked the village in 1374 DR, some of the duergar went into the house. The Kalach-Cha could've helped Bevil to come to his house and attack the duergar, with the help of his dogs: Muttonchop, Locke, and Nasher.[1]





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