Starspur was the county of Tethyr encompassing the Starspire Peninsula. It was known for the city of Zazesspur, the sometime capital of that kingdom.[1]


Unlike the lowlands of Tethyr, the county of Starspur was infested with a variety of monsters, because there were so many mountains, hills, cliffs, and sea caves for them to inhabit.[1]


Starspur was part of the Duchy of Kamlann.[1] It was isolated from the rest of Tethyr by its position on the Starspire Peninsula, its only significant border being with County Uluran to the east.[3]


The wild lands of Starspur were home to goblinoids, cyclopskin, urds, and flinds. Perytons, hippogriffs, fire drakes, and possibly dragons also lived in the region.[1]


In 1370 DR, Starspur was ruled over by the Countess and Royal Admiral Corinna Dezlentyr. Her castle was named Battles' End and was situated atop high foothills.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

Cloister of St. Ramedar 
This Ilmatari monastery served as Tethyr's primary prison and insane asylum.[4]
Fortress Faithful 
This famous, cliff-side fortress was dedicated to the god Tyr.[4]
This was the largest and richest city of Tethyr and was sometimes its capital.[1]



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