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Statue was an arcane alteration spell that changed the recipient together with anything worn to stone, but kept their faculties and senses intact. In older versions the magical transformation carried a certain risk of immediate death, but if successfull, all versions allowed the affected person or creature to hide in plains sight as a statue, with all the resiliency of stone. The recipient could turn back to their normal form at will.[7][3][2]


Apart from verbal and somatic components, the caster had to stir some lime, sand and water with a rodlike piece of iron.[7][3][2]


The statue spell was first introduced in the time of Netheril, in 1839 NY (−2020 DR), under the name Quantoul's statue, after famous variator arcanist Quantoul.[1]

Statue was an uncommon spell to the magical community of Faerûn by 1358 DR.[8]


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