The statue of Mystra was a magical statue of the goddess Mystra standing in the Stoneyard of the false Temple of Mystra in Wheloon in the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR.[2][1]


To aid in their deception, the false priests of the temple bought up a large quantity of religious paraphernalia, but chose to destroy much of what they did not need or found to be against the faith of Shar. Among these was a statue of Mystra, whose holy and miraculous nature surprised them. No matter how they damaged it each day, it was whole again the next night. It then exuded a disturbing glow. The Sharrans then tried to hide it by heaping the debris about it, but this was always shed again. Though the temple was a front for followers of Shar, and thus within her dark power, Mystra's holy image had given her influence and the chance to oppose their sacrilege. [2]

When adventurers in service to Mystra investigating the temple passed through on Eleint 6,[3] the statue of Mystra could well have come alive to battle the dark earth elemental that rose out of the shattered statuary in the Stoneyard. It would give a motion of blessing before falling dormant again.[2][1] [note 1]


It was a statue of a woman representing the goddess Mystra. It gave off a glow of flickering starry light.[2] This was a powerful aura of abjuration magic.[1]


The statue of Mystra had the miraculous ability to renew and reveal itself over the course of a night, no matter how it was damaged or obscured. It also gave off a radiance that creatures of shadow found unsettling. Furthermore, it bestowed a blessing on all those within arm's reach, granting good fortune that protected mind and body against attacks by dark creatures and those from the Plane of Shadow.[2][1]

It could even become an animated object, that slammed its stone limbs into opponents.[1]



  1. The Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave module suggests that, if the PCs struggle in the Stoneyard battle, the statue of Mystra could come alive to help them, in addition to the passive bonuses it grants.


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